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young buster certificate



Just a bit of background on the clipping, this is a true story.

Brian and I decided to enter the NT Classic pairs and after getting through undefeated on the Saturday we scraped through in the early game on the Sunday morning (the Prentices are not noted for early morning form).

We were in the semi final so Brian started to celebrate; we came up against state players, Simon and Mal Cornock. But with a little bit of games man ship we had them arguing and won by 5-6 shots. Well bring on the final! It was against state leader Ron Scofield and the infamous Ben Page. We were going pretty well but I had noticed Brian (called the clock winder) was starting to get a little wobbly. I would point out at the time I was a brewery rep and “clocky” had unlimited supply.

Well by the 15th end he started to walk sideways and on a rough count he had put away a carton of tooheys red cans. We were a fair way in front so I said to “Clocky” put the mat on the ‘t’ and make it a long end. So after 2-3 minutes the mat was finally placed properly then the clock winder took a tumble. Ron helped him up, Clocky let the jack go and landed it on the t, after 3 sideways steps he fell over again. I yelled out “’Bury it so we don’t have to play the last two ends” well Clocky let rip and started running after his bowl but after 3-4 strides he tripped and went ass up and landed on his back….and you guessed it the bowl sat on the jack in the ditch. Game, set, Match.  After a couple more Reds Clocky got his second wind and was still selecting the state side for the next 2 hours..What a mess!

We won the airfares and being a mate of the airlines manager I had them transferred so the old man and Deano could come up for the Alice open fours. What happened?? They were upgraded to first class…free piss!! It took them nearly ½ and hour to get across the tarmac after leaving the plane. Naturally we did not win a game but who cares!

Unfortunately the clockwinder has passed away but I am sure he has started up Prentice Enterprises in the sky. The old man Darkie is buggered, Deano and I are still green keeping and nearly buggered. BUSTER